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 About my book!

My Top 10 answers to your Top 10 questions about my brilliant, beautiful, brand-new book.

partial clip of book cover

Breastfeed and sleep. Yes, you can do both! 

two kids and a baby

I love babies! They're the best.


And I love retailers who stock my book. They're the best, too.


And so are book reviewers. Also the best. The last three of you working in the book-review field in this country are my heroes. 

meeting friend's new baby for the first time

Welcoming a friend's baby, circa July 2023. 

Sleeping Baby_edited.jpg
Trustee Susan Vukadinovic receiving medal from MLA Joe Ceci

Here's me getting my medal in 2022 from my local Alberta MLA, The Honourable Joe Ceci.

What critics are saying:


  • "The Actually Pretty Good Baby is the go-to source for breastfeeding help and sleep-training help."

  • "Whether you're in the third trimester of your pregnancy or your newborn baby has already arrived, I recommend this parent-tested guide. It was essential reading for every mom in my pre-natal group."

  • "Move over, What to Expect When You're Expecting, because there's a new guide in town for the new moms of the 2020s."

What's this book about?

With this ultimate beginner’s handbook to raising a baby you can breastfeed like any good attachment parent and then ease your baby into sleeping through the night like the best of the “we-still-go-out-for-date-night” parents. Because here’s a little secret: You don’t have to pick one or the other. You can do both! 

Writer and new-mom coach Susan Vukadinovic has met with hundreds of mommas at pre-natal and new-baby workshops, and she has woven together their collective, common-sense wisdom in this new book for new parents of the 2020s. 


Inside you’ll find tips for breastfeeding, sleeping and weaning to solids. And there’s a little bit more but not too much more because—let’s be honest now—you’ve got this. We both know you don’t need a comprehensive book that covers *everything*. This book covers just the big stuff, with parent-tested and parent-approved step-by-step instructions that will take you from pregnancy and the minutes after birth all the way to your baby’s third birthday. 


With the right information and support, you can totally nail your new parenting gig. 


Where can I buy this book?

In Calgary, Alberta:


In Rocky View, Alberta: 

In Strathmore, Alberta: 


In Lethbridge, Alberta: 

  • Chapters Lethbridge

In Lloydminster, Alberta: 

  • Coles in the Lloyd Mall

In Edmonton, Alberta:

In St. Albert, Alberta: 

  • Chapters at 445 St. Alberta Trail

In Spruce Grove, Alberta: 

  • IndigoSpirit in Westland Market Mall


In Invermere, BC:

In Whitehorse, Yukon:

In Saskatchewan:

  • Indigo (Centre at Circle and Eigth) in Saskatoon

  • Coles Midtown Plaza in Saskatoon

  • Coles Northgate Mall in Regina

  • Coles Parkland Mall in Yorkton

In Winnipeg, Manitoba:

  • Indigo

    • Indigo Kenaston Common

    • Indigo St. Vital

    • Chapters Polo Festival

In Prince Edward Island:

  • Indigo Charlottetown

  • Coles County Fair Mall in Summerside

You can also order my online book through:


I'm a retailer. How can I order heavily discounted copies for resale?

I'm so glad you asked! If you're interested in a small volume on consignment, you can reach me at I will give you such a good deal, because I love, love, love retailers! 

If you're looking for a large-volume order with returnable status you also have the option of ordering through your Ingram account.


Do you do interviews, book signings or speaking engagements?

Yes, absolutely! 

If any clubs, groups, or new-mom friends would like me to come and introduce myself and new book, please send me an email at


Do you have a super brief author bio?

Writer and new-mom coach Susan Vukadinovic is an independent expert on the enjoyment of early motherhood by new mothers. Having met with hundreds of mommas at pre-natal and new-baby workshops, she has woven together their collective, common-sense wisdom in her new book for new parents of the 2020s.


Do you have a longer author bio?

Susan Vukadinovic is a writer and new-mom coach who has met with hundreds of mommas at pre-natal and new-baby workshops.


Her writing has appeared around in the world in print and online, from The Globe and Mail in Canada to the Institute of Federalism in Fribourg, Switzerland.


In 2022 she was a recipient of The Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Medal (Alberta) in recognition of her outstanding public service and dedication to education, children and community.  ​ 

She currently lives in Calgary, in a tidy, green house, with her four favourite people and one incorrigible dog.

The Actually Pretty Good Baby is her first book. 


They gave you a medal? Seriously?

Yes, seriously. A medal. 


For all you mommas out there who've ever thought, Someone should really give me a medal, for everything I'm doing around here, this ones for you, ladies! 


I did it. I got my medal. And maybe one day, I hope, you will, too.​ 


Do you have any other fun facts to share about your author bio? 

I was born in Australia to a refugee family and I moved to Canada when I was two years old. Even though I've always lived in English-speaking countries, I didn't learn English until I started school. My first language was Polish, and I can also hold a conversation in French and Ukrainian.


I grew up in 1980s Edmonton, but I've also lived in Poland, Ukraine, France, Quebec, Ontario and Saskatchewan. These days I am happy to be settled with my family in Calgary, which puts us only about an hour away from the fabulous hiking, biking and skiing in Alberta's Rocky Mountains.  ​ 

I have a Bachelor of Arts degree. It just so happens that I graduated at the top of my class in Political Science. (But because I didn't go on to do a PhD in political science, nobody cares. Nobody cares.)


I also have an MBA. Both of my degrees are from the University of Alberta.


I began my career as a policy analyst, including stints with Executive Council (the Premier’s Office) in Edmonton and the City Manager’s Office in Calgary. After starting a family, I transitioned to project consulting for the private, public and not-for-profit sectors, and spent many years as a stay-at-home mom. Currently I work part-time as an elected school trustee.


It was during my stay-at-home mom years that I ran a popular workshop for expectant moms and new moms, and the hundreds of conversations I had during that period inspired me to write my book.  

Let's see, let's see...what else?

I have three school-aged children and I dutifully chauffeur them to hockey and piano lessons. I play a mediocre violin myself. I intermittently self-identify as a jogger, and I acknowledge that I should take my dog for more walks.


How easy was it to write your book?

It has taken nine long years for me to bring my original idea to the printed page.

I was a neophyte to the book industry when I started, so the challenges have been taxing. I naively assumed that it works like this: an aspiring writer pens a book-length manuscript (the exposition); then submits said manuscript to publisher after publisher (the hero's journey); followed by dozens of rejection letters (the hero's quest hits its nadir); and then finally, perhaps, a book-publishing deal comes through (hallelujah, a happy ending!). 

I've since learned that book publishing is a closed industry, or at least difficult to break into. Most publishers won’t look at unsolicited manuscripts or work with writers who don’t come with an agent. But agents won't take on new clients who don't come with thousands of social-media followers or a celebrity platform. From the tumultuous pause of the pandemic, to the disheartening difficulty of finding anyone in the industry willing to even glance at what I wrote, to an eye-watering spike in the costs of ink and paper, it's no small feat that The Actually Pretty Good Baby exists at all.  


It's been a huge learning curve, but it's turning the corner. Now I have a book! I have a distribution deal. There's hope that there's a path for a small-potatoes, homegrown Canadian writer.

And while the challenges have been taxing, they've also been exciting.


The things is, when you work on a project like this for so long, you have to really like it to keep going. And I do really like my little book! I'm quite pleased with what I've got. 

I've given it so much of my time and energy because I believe in it.


If you get a chance to thumb through it, I hope you like it, too!


How easy is it to read your book?

It depends who's asking. It's only 300 pages. That's pretty average for a book. Maybe a tad too many pages for @NateBargatze on @NBCSNL. But you can breeze through it, Momma. I know you can!

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