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Susan Vukadinovic

One of the hats I wear...

I'm an elected school board trustee.

I was elected on October 18, 2021 and I'm currently serving a four-year term as a  public school board trustee with the Calgary Board of Education (CBE) --- the largest and best school board in western Canada!

Why I ran for office...

In the interest of transparency and to make it easier for voters to hold me accountable, you can find my 2021 election campaign website here.

My main campaign website contains a brief platform summary. A detailed version of my 2021 campaign platform is available here.

Here's what I do and what I've been saying...


Our Board advocacy priorities

  • Trustees meet with other elected officials to advocate for CBE students. Visit the Board advocacy page.


Our public meetings

  • Trustees provide oversight of CBE results and operations. Agendas, meeting minutes and videos of our public meetings are all available online. 


Our public outreach

  • Trustees meet with parents, students, community leaders and other Calgarians. We celebrate important school milestones with you and we listen to your concerns. Learn how you can connect with your trustee here

I'm running again in 2025!

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